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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the clouds have moved out. going to be a gorgeous day. >> shaping up nicely and clouds moving out and temperatures have come down and all that rain left moisture. this morning some areas of thick fog, mainly off to the north and west. hasn't happened in center city and live clear view and no dense fog right now in reading down to a quarter mile and down to a quarter mile until just a couple minutes ago and lancaster has improved there. one mile visibility and improving conditions, too, in allentown. seeing ten mile visibility and the rest of the area not dealing with fog. we're seeing 40s and 50s. potstown, allentown and 49 degrees while it's 56 degrees in philadelphia. so, a chilly start at the bus stop with clearing skies. 46 degrees in the suburbs and 54 degrees in the city. and during the day today, the sun will continue to warm us into the 70s this afternoon. in fact, be at 70 degrees at lunchtime today. neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. first, jillian mele has traffic.
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how are things doing now, jillian? >> for much of the morning, blue route northbound was completely blocked off because of a fatal accident. that has all cleared. the blue route is in the clear. entire length both directions. 76 westbound at city center and this will change as we approach 6:30, but for right now drive times on 76 looking good. between the blue route and the vine. heading out to the boulevard at welsh road, malfunctioning intersection. make sure you treat it as a four-way stop. into new jersey, browning road at mar, there tlton pike. and the 42 freeway northbound as drivers make their way from the atlantic city expressway out to the bridges and you can see average speeds right now in the mid-50s. tracy? 6:01. we continue to follow breaking news in cape may. sky force ten is live over the ferry right now. this is the boat called the
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delaware. it's docked in the terminal in north cape may. the fire was contained to the engine room. two workers were forced to escape from the room. no word on what caused the fire. also new, one person died in the house fire in delaware county. this happened around midnight at a home in chester along west tenth street. the victim has not been identified. right now it is unclear what caused that fire. now from our south jersey bureau, as hospitals see more and more suspected cases of what may be enterovirus one hospital is making changes when it comes to visitors. ent enterovirus affects the respiratory system and sent children to the hospital in ten states. most people suffer from mild symptoms, but some patients have trouble breathing and need more care. nbc 10 katy zachary is live in camden where they're taking new steps this morning. tell us about them, katy. >> here at cooper they are seeing double the number of patients they typically see this
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time of year. so, starting today, a new visitor policy is in place. you're going to have to be 16 or older to visit the pediatric intensive care unit, the neonatal intensive care unit and pediatric floor. enterovirus has been spread to most states here in pennsylvania, new jersey and suspected in delaware. most people who catch it won't even know they have it because it resembles the common cold, but with those with breathing problems may get sicker faster and we're hearing about some cases that have been hospitalized. here's how it compares with the flu. flu season peaks in late summer. flu can last in the system longer than enterovirus. with the flu you'll expect body aches and no virus for enterovirus d-68 but kids older than six months are encouraged to get a flu shot. >> you always have reason to worry when children get infected with these kind of viruses and good hand washing and trying to
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disinfect surfaces at home and keeping kids home from school when they're sick to prevent spread of illness could help make the spread not as rapid. >> and i've talked to a lot of doctors in the last few weeks and the advice remains the same. to ward against these two viruses. hand washing, keep commonly used surfaces clean and if your kids are sick, keep them home from school. reporting live in camden, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> stay with for continuing coverage of the spread of enterovirus and the efforts to treat it in our area. the nurses went on strike sunday morning in delaware county and the strike ended tuesday, but the hospital brought in temporary nurses who had to be guaranteed at least five days of work, which is why the union nurses won't go back to work until this morning. a man convicted of a deadly hit and run in philadelphia will be sentenced. jerome brooks found guilty of
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homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence. in december of 2012 brooks ran over deanna till as she was crossing the street. police in camden are searching for a man who robbed a bank while dressed in muslim attire. authorities say the man passed a note demanding cash to the teller at the savings bank. they say he was wearing gray pants and white sneakers under clothing. he got away on a bike with an unknown amount of cash. from our delaware bureau, a driver faces charges this morning after smashing into a home and then trying to walk away. look at the damage. the car hit the house with such force, it tore off a large section of the home. rasheeda mcintosh has lived there for more than a decade. >> their bunk bed is in the front lawn and they would have probably been in their rooms. >> in a split second, as fast as you could call, the house was destroyed and the vehicle was laying on the ground. >> the home has been condemned.
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police say the driver jason roane was caught a couple blocks away. police and protesters at a standoff in ferguson, missouri. witnesses say the police chief was marching with demonstrators through the city streets when a fight broke out among the protesters who were just behind him. four people were reportedly arrested just hours after the police chief issued an apology the 18-year-old who was shot and killed by an officer last month. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen can't e reveal the names of those who received e-mail while working in the office. kevin harley, a former spokesman for governor tom corbett is also
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listed in documents. the ag could not say iwhether the men opened the e-mails. cane 6:07 right now. two former philadelphia school principals are now charged in connection with that cheating scandal. barbara mccreery and larry melton. melton was the principal at bok technical high school. both were accused of changing answers on a state standardized test so their schools would make yearly progress. the scandal begun back in 2011. more than 130 staffers have been in this case and seven were charged with crimes. they include the principal at cuyhoga elementary school. thanks to a $75,000 fema
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grant. the leesburg fire department will purchase more than two dozen sets of coats, boots and face masks. happening today we'll get a look at how septa is upgrading its system to tackle severe weather. septa officials and lawmakers will have projects funded by an $87 million grant. one of the upgrades will fix flooding problems at a trolley underpass in sharon hill. sun will be coming up within the hour. starting to see just a little bit of the brightening of the sky. we're heading into a quieter day today. the wind is down and skies have cleared and with falling temperatures we have areas of dense fog this morning that won't last. sunshine takes over and lasts for the weekend, too. in fact, a warm up today will continue saturday and sunday and summer-like levels. look how clear it is in the pocono mountains. no sign of fog at blue mountain. a live view from the pocono
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mountains. the fog thickest in reading and fog in allentown and has since disappeared and improving conditions in lancaster. excellent visibility for the pocono mountains and the rest of the area. the rain done, out of here, completely gone and no rain today and the weekend is looking dry, too. sunny and 73 this afternoon for mt. pocono up to 77. no afternoon fog for reading, that will disappear later this morning. bright sunny skils for doylestown and mt. holly middal 70s today and 74 degrees in atlantic city. inland, plenty of sunshine. much less wind. wilmington, chester and philadelphia all into the upper 70s today. it will go warmer this weekend. got the seven-day when i come back. i got the all-clear e-mail from jillian about that problem on the blue route. but it is still in the 6:00 hour. >> let's see what else is happening on the roads. jillian mele. >> let's start off in center
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city philadelphia with a live look at the vine street expre expressway as drivers head out to 76 and both directions of the vine are quiet and they are clear right now and that is good news. the vine is cleared and the entire length in both directions. 76 looking pretty good. 95 starting to slow down southbound side. getting that tap of the brakes that we're used to seeing at this hour. between the vine and woodhaven road. an accident in pensocken and downed wires with us all morning long as the result of an overnight accident. you can take fellowship road if you need to get around that problem. so far no accidents on the majors in delaware and if you're taking mass transit, everything is close or on schedule. eric holder is setting up a fight with congress to fignd hi successor. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton
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where the trains are rolling this morning and we're talking to passengers who are riding the rails with additional police. i'm going to ask you again. i'm ready for today? are you ready for today? >> this is the sweetest video. cincinnati bengals player gets pumped up not for a football game, but for something much more important. his daughter's fight for life.
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>> proud of what the men and women of the department of justice have accomplished over the last six years. and at the same time, very sad that i will not be a formal part, a formal part of the great things that this department and this president will accomplish over the next two. president obama now looking for a new attorney general after eric holder, as you heard, announced his resignation yesterday. holder said he'll stay in office until his replacement is confirmed, but that could be a problem. senate republicans are giving signs they plan to fight president obama's next nominee, whoever it is. the value voters summit begins in washington, d.c. today. many presidential candidates will speak throughout the weekend. they include senators ted cruz of texas and rand paul. as well as former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. the family research council will host the annual meeting of conservatives. a new poll finds the democrat running for governor in pennsylvania tom wolf is holding on to his lead over incumbent
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tom corbett for the top spot in pennsylvania. among register voters will continue to double-digit lead. the margin of error is plus or minus 4%. wolf has a larger lead over the governor when it comes to likely voters. the candidates face off in their next debate on wednesday. there are only 39 days left to the pennsylvania general election. voters will head to the election on november 4th. monday october 6th is the last day to register. a new report shows new jersey's public worker retirement system has $90 billion in unfunded pension and health benefit liabilities. that's the word from a special commission governor chris christie formed to find ways to fix the problem, which christie issued warnings about recently. must make the employee pension and benefit program affordable and sustainable or the situation will be much worse. an update on devon still. his 4-year-old daughter, leah, has been battling cancer.
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yesterday leah took a big fight and doctors worked at children's hospital of philadelphia for six hours and the surgeon was able to remove all of her tumor and limp nodes. on the way to the hospital, still gave his daughter a pep talk and it quickly went viral online. watch it. >> i'm going to ask you, again. i'm ready for today, you ready for today? you ready it get this cancer. let's do it. >> oh, my gosh. >> still tweeted early this morning that his daughter's next round of treatments will attack the cancer that spread to her bone marrow. we wish them well. a rainy day yesterday, but look at this. not a cloud in the sky this morning. a live view from the nbc 10 studios and the temperature has come down 56 degrees and the humidity will drop as the day goes on and a much drier day this morning at the shore, too. this is a view, this time
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yesterday seeing sweeping rain across beach avenue and no rain today. a bit of fog, especially north and west where the wind has calmly seeing dense fog right now in reading and the wind is dying down in potstown. we could see some other spots of fog develop this morning. but they're not going to last. the clouds have already moved out. sunshine is on the way and that's going to lead to a quick warm up. in fact, we'll be in the upper 70s this afternoon while we're stuck in the 60s all day yesterday. forecast is calling for a bright, sunny and comfortable, but warmer friday. middle to upper 70s this afternoon. the winds out of the north, just five to ten mile an hour winds. no 35-mile-an-hour gusts like we had yesterday. tomorrow the sunshine nice and bright and not a cloud in the sky for saturday or sunday. low humidity to a comfortable autumn weekend that will feel a bit more like summer. 82 degrees warm one on monday, but then cooler weather ahead and clouds will be building for tuesday and wednesday. now, there's a chance we'll see some scattered showers, not
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expecting to see all of the day rainfall either day and i am expecting to see sunshine return to full force thursday. >> thank you, bill. later this morning, nbc "nightly news" anchor will receive an award. he's the recipient of this year's award and then bring "nightly news" live from battleship new jersey. now, the school of media and communication will also induct several alumni into the hall of fame today. larry margsac and john oates and claire smith. receive the 2014 rising star award and our own tracy davidson will be inducted into the hall of fame. and i can can't always speak for the station or for our colleagues, but let me just say, we're enormously proud of you. >> i am humbled. look at the other recipients.
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>> you're right there with them. well, it's time to rev up the engines and take to the track. dover is welcoming nascar this weekend. for drivers taking to the roads, get ready for a drop. we'll tell you how low gas prices could go.
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i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries
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and we're looking in at a festive rosh hashanah service. the jewish new year began wednesday evening. and happening this weekend in kent county, it's race weekend at dover nrlt national speedway. 85,000 nascar fans are expected in dover. today is the drive sober 150. and tomorrow the nascar nationwide series takes the track and on sunday the flag drops on the sprint flag cup
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series. tony stewart reveals he asked for professional help to deal with his grief. in the first interview since the grand jury cleared him for that crash that killed another driver, stewart admits he stayed inside his house and did not want to get out of bed. stewart gave an interview to the associated press last night. the crash was 100% an accident. good morning, at 6:24. let's head to chester county. a live look at the route 30 bypass right near route 340. we did just get word of two accidents in delaware. we have one 95 northbound right at route 141, use caution there. in glasgow, we do have fire police out at the scene directing traffic. you might want to leave yourself a few extra minutes. let's take you outside right now to a live look to where thankfully the rain has cleared out of the area.
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>> for most of the area, it is nice and clear. a lot of rain yesterday and this morning a few spots that are dealing with fog and it's been very thick in the reading area and continues at quarter mile visibility there. meantime, improving conditions in lancaster and the fog has disappeared from allentown. i'm nbc 10 monique braxton live at the fernrock station. we're talking to passengers who are riding the rails with additional police this morning.
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and breaking news in cape may, new jersey. sky force 10 over a ferry fire there. the coast guard has been battling this fire for the past two hours. subway threat. this morning commuters might see additional security all because
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of isis. and no more threat of rain. here's a live look at center city philadelphia. we're looking at a warm up today and give you your neighborhood forecast hour-by-hour and neighborhood by neighborhood in just a moment. welcome, i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get right to bill henley with his first alert forecast for this friday. bill? >> good morning, tracy. a nice start to the morning after all that rain yesterday. we did get a lot of moisture. watching for some areas of fog. good news is you will not find it at the shore. that's a nice live view from the shore. the fog is north and west and reading has been socked in for hours now at quarter mile visibility. meantime, lancaster, that was down to a quarter mile has improved to five-mile visibility. there's no fog at all for the i-95 corridor. a nice, clear start. and a cool one, too. 40s for potstown and allentown 56 in philadelphia and you'll find 50s this morning for delaware and south jersey.
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bright sunshine, fog will disappear as the temperatures climb. 70 at lunchtime, upper 70s this afternoon. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back. but, first, jillian mele a rough start this morning. how are we doing? >> not too bad but a disabled vehicle and you can see it right here, pretty much on the shoulder and not causing any delays, but something for you to be aware of. some delays building and the northbound side of the 42 freeway as drivers head out to the bridges. bridges looking pretty good right now. no big accidents to report on any area bridges. in pennsaken and we're following two accidents out of delaware right now, including one on interstate 95. the northbound side at 141 which is exit 5. watch out for lane restriction in that area. then for drivers in dlglasgow a so far not reporting any delays on mass transit. tracy? this morning new questions
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about an alleged plot by isis fighters in the u.s. and france to attack subway systems in both countries. when the threat was mentioned, u.s. and french authorities went on alert. yesterday officials in washington and paris cast some doubts on the prime minister's report saying they had no evidence of such a credible plot. nbc 10 monique braxton is live with more on the subway threat. monique, you've been talking to drivers all morning. what are they saying? >> they notice additional police presence. we have been here, tracy, since well before 5:00 this morning th when trains started rolling. we have some video for you. this is all due to an announcement by iraq's prime minister. he tells us there is an imminent plan by isis militants to attack american and french subway systems. however, u.s. officials are disputing the credibility of that threat. so, we check with leaders locally, who say there is no evidence our region would be a
6:32 am
target. but septa is airing on the side of caution, making sure they've got additional boots on the ground. we set out to talk to commuters. >> well, i'll always be concerned about it because of the heightened awareness dealing with terrorism acts and things like that. just good to be aware and know that we're stepping up to make sure a presence is felt to make everyone feel secure. >> i don't necessarily believe there is going to be a threat here, for instance. but, i mean, obviously, there's always due diligence. nice to see something like that. >> and septa tells us in times like these, philadelphia police are providing assistance above and below ground. they're also urging riders to be vigilant. live for now in fern rock, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. the manhunt continues this morning in northeastern pennsylvania for eric frein. suspected of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another.
6:33 am
frein used a rifle to ambush the state troopers and up to 1,000 officers are on the trail of the suspected killer. investigators describe frein as a survivalist who spent months or even years preparing for his retreat into the poconos. a bucks county man is charged with raping a young girl. steven datsun jr. of middletown killed the girl's kitten after the girl told her mother about the rape. the victim who is now 14 said the abuse began when she was 5. the married father of two is free on bail. new this morning, two cities in our area will get special attention when a national summit on reducing violence begins in washington on monday. wilmington is selected as part of a violence reduction network or vrn. cities in the group will have full access to crime fighting resources from the justice department. camden is the other city to be included. it will be group would wilmington, chicago, detroit and oakland, california. the mayors of those cities will
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join attorney general eric holder at the summit in washington. and crime in camden will actually be the topic on tonight's "nightly news" with brian williams. brian will be broadcasting from the battleship new jersey. right after nbc 10 news at 6:00. residents all across the tri-state area can get rid of unwanted and expired medications this weekend. kickback day concerned by the rising rates. many local and state police departments are taking part to help properly dispose of these drugs. and here's a few of the many places you can hand in your old and unwanted medications. in pennsylvania, any state police barracks. in new jersey, the moorstown police department or mercer county administration building. shipley manor in wilmington. we posted a comprehensive list at our website at
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don't forget your sunglasses. we are minutes away from sunrise this morning and our skies are nice and clear. this is the view from the melon bank building in center city. however, north and west, less wind and all that moisture yesterday has led to some fog in the areas. fog will clear and left with sunshine today and this weekend a nice warm up. it will feel more like summer than autumn for this first weekend of autumn. look at the fog, this is the view from chauny inn where it's right along the delaware river and seeing some of the thick fog that reading has been dealing with all morning long. quarter mile visibility there. the rest of the area is mainly fog free. and certainly rain free. the showers are off shore and not going to be an issue for today or the weekend. sunny skies and the fog clears and 77 degrees this afternoon for reading. 75 in quakertown and low 70s in the pocono mountains. bright sunshine for doylestown and northeast philadelphia and mt. holly and right up to 76
6:36 am
degrees for vineland and dover and atlantic city will warm to 74 this afternoon. sunny skies and much less wind than yesterday for westchester, chester and they do go even warmer this weekend. seven-day forecast with details when i come back. 6:36. let's get you to work on this friday. let's see the roads. >> jillian has her eyes on the litny of cameras across the area. here he is. >> good morning to you, you at home, as well. 95 southbound, slow moving. volume right at girard avenue and southbound is at a crawl. your drive time on 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine is about 23 minutes and 18 minutes on 76 westbound and speaking of the blue route, we had big problems out there earlier this morning, but looking good right now. northbound from 95 to 76 and will take you about 18 minutes. this accident just cleared out of glasgow. you should be good to go at that
6:37 am
intersection and else where in delaware, the northbound side right at route 141 exit 5 and you can expect to see a delay around that area. heading into new jersey, 73 at 295 looking pretty quiet here. 295 is also pretty average as far as volume goes on 295 and we still have an accident in pennsauken. so far no big problems to report on mass transit. vai? experts say gas prices across the country could soon drop below $3 a gallon. can you believe it? gas prices typically drop during autumn and are being pulled even lower by falling global oil prices. by the end of the year, up to 30 states could have an average gasoline price, get this, of under 3 bucks. triple a keeps an eye on gas prices across the country and in philadelphia the average gas price per gallon is $3.42 in south jersey $3.15 and in delaware you're paying $3.29. more information coming out in the ray rice scandal. there is now a he said/she said
6:38 am
debate when it comes down to who got the now infamous elevator security video. rooftop escape. this may just be the scariest day of this woman's life. not because she's on the roof, but because of the man lurking right over her.
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it is 6:41. a fire on a cape may lewis ferry is now out. sky force 10 was over the boat called delaware just a while ago. docked in the terminal in north cape may. authorities tell us that the fire started in the engine room a few hours ago. two people were in the room at the time and had to escape. the fire was contained to the engine room. we still don't know what caused the fire. new developments in the ray rice scandal the head of security for the nfl says he never received the video in
6:42 am
april of ray rice punching his fiancee in an elevator. a law enforcement official claims he sent the video directly to nfl security chief jeffrey miller back in april. but, again, miller said he never got it. the league insists that no one saw the tape until earlier this month. rice was fired, as you know, by the baltimore ravens and the league suspended him indefinitely after that hearing was released. the pennsylvania teen accused of stabbing his classmates. the judge must decide if alex rival will be transferred. the boy's mental condition will deterrierate unless he's moved. the teen is charged with stabbing 20 students and a security guard at franklin regional high school in murrysville last april. catholic charities is he lending a helping hand to those who lost their jobs. catholic charities is staffing a hotline that will help the unemployed tap into its
6:43 am
resources or connect them with other agencies. people can get assistance with things like unemployment, utility bills and health care. an american doctor who contacted the ebola virus is now back home in massachusetts. dr. rick sakra was released yesterday. he arrived at the hospital for treatment earlier this month. he is grateful for the specialized care that helped him to recover. meanwhile, u.s. medical teams are on their way to liberia to help stop the spread of ebola. the centers center disease control says one of the biggest challenges is getting people out of their homes and into treatment centers. people who live in liberia are complaining about a lack of resources. in california, a woman had to escape an intruder by climbing out of her window eand on to her roof and it was caught on camera. here's a picture of the woman hiding from the man. the woman was asleep when she said the homeless guy broke in through her front door.
6:44 am
she scrambled on to the roof wearing only a shirt and he followed her. firefighters and police officer got to the scene and they helped her escape. the man was arrested a short time later. a tennessee woman accused of killing another woman for her newborn baby eis being held without bond. catherine appeared before a judge via video yesterday. police say she lured the new mom to a friend's home in georgia earlier this month saying she had clothes for the baby. authorities say she then shot the woman and took the infant. the baby was later returned safely. rain in california has helped firefighters in their battle against a wildfire that has been burning for nearly two weeks now. it is more than half contained and the number of homes that are threatened by the fire has gone down to the thousands to now hundreds. the fire department of new york says three retired firefighters who worked at ground zero died on the same day from 9/11-related illnesses. retired firefighters they all died on monday of cancer. fire department says the cancer
6:45 am
was brought on by the toxic air at ground zero. now, union representing fdny says the 13 years since 9/11, 850 of their members who were there have gotten sick. and this weekend in cape may county honoring fallen heroes during the run for the fallen. a preview flag ceremony last night at sunset beach in lower township and starting this morning, 31 active military personnel will run 186 miles in moth county where they'll present the flag to awaiting family, friends and comrades on sunday. the team will stop along the way at hero markers for new jersey residents who were killed in battle. opening opsection of ellis island that was never seen before. the immigrant hospital where tens of thousands were treated and 3,000 died. you will now be able to see the hospital and the morgue but only on reserved and guided tours
6:46 am
because most of the facility is in disrepair. derek jeter capped off his 20-year career in the bronx with a storybook ending. in his yankee stadium farewell jeter delivered some magic. drills a walk-off single to left field driving in, yes, the game-winning run. the yankees beat the o's in jeter's last game in front of the home crowd. and after making her mark in little league baseball, philadelphia's own mo'ne davis is taking her place in official baseball history. she donated the jersey she wore to the baseball hall of fame and her teammates there in cooperstown with her to play an exhibition game at double day field. clear skies for philadelphia. look at the view over the city. a little bit of a breeze blowing through the nbc 10 studios, but
6:47 am
nothing compared to yesterday's strong, gusty wind. stronger this hour at northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international. 7 mi-mile-an-hour wind and cool this morning by 7 degrees compared to yesterday. look at the fog, this is the view from woodlock in the pocono mountains. it's starting to thin out in the pocono mountains and finally starting to clear a little bit in reading. had been stuck at quarter mile visibility and not an issue for all the pocono mountains. mt. pocono is completely clear and the rest of the area is fog free this morning and cloud free, too. the storms from yesterday's storm have moved off from the northeast and left with clear skies and sunshine today and a much warmer day. yesterday's high temperature was 64 degrees. today we'll be heading for the 70s. 60s to start with this morning at 9:00. by ilun by lunchtime to 78 degrees this afternoon. nice and comfortable as the humidity will go much lower this
6:48 am
afternoon then what we saw yesterday and this morning. 81 tomorrow after a morning low of 57 degrees. look at this nice, sunny weather for the weekend. mostly sunny skies and another warm day monday and then a bit cooler for tuesday and wednesday as clouds come in with a chance of some scattered showers. don't expect to see an all-day rain either day. i do expect to see sunshine return on thursday with a high of 76. in our last report, jillian pointed out a couple hot spots but the area bridges appear to be clear. >> an accident 309 on the northbound side right near paper mill road. police are on the scene and right there on the shoulder and a vehicle facing the wrong way. as a result, you can see drivers detouring little bit and slowing down as they pass that scene. we have some delays on 76. this is eastbound right near montgomery drive and that volume is getting thicker and westbound out near city avenue and then,
6:49 am
of course, both directions right near the conshohocken curve. accident 141 at exit 5 and expect to see volume there. an accident in pennsauken. leave yourself extra time if you're heading around that area. time to head to new york and see what's ahead on "today" show. you and i were bopping our heads to the video yesterday. >> the video was awesome. >> i'm glad you guys liked it. the kids at chop were the stars of that video. we raised $210,000. so, we want to thank everybody for helping out. >> my inbox on my e-mail lit up after we ran that. all kinds of people loving it. so it was a great thing. meanwhile, straight ahead on a friday morning. new terror warning leads in cities coast to coast even as officials try to downplay the threat and the latest on that and the new air strikes in syria overnight. also ahead, country
6:50 am
superstar carrie underwood and we'll talk about that and the big concert she's taking part of. plus a bargain lover's dream. the biggest steals and deals ever. rock 'n' roll hall of famer john mellencamp will perform an old classic and something new live here when we see you in a little bit on "today." john mellencamp, yeah. >> all right, thanks, guys, we'll see you in about ten minutes. >> all right, thanks. double the patience. a local hospital is taking precautions this morning after seeing a big jump in the number of sick children. nbc 10 katy zachary is reporting. >> coming up, i'll tell you what one local hospital is doing differently starting today to keep germs out of its halls.
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we're minutes away from 7:00. look at that beautiful sunrise from sky force 10. put away the umbrella and clean off those shades. bill henley around in two minutes with with ta look at th first look forecast. monique braxton is live and septa is taking this threat seriously. >> yes, they are. we are watching septa trains departing the station since about two hours ago. look at the video we just grabbed for you. clear and increased police v visibility. this follows an announcement by iraq's prime minister saying isis will attack american and french asubway systems.
6:55 am
now local authorities spoke via conference yesterday and then said they're confident that there is nothing to be concerned about. septa is making sure they have additional boots on the ground. airing on the side of caution and also say bringing assistance from philadelphia police above and below ground. now live at fern rock, moniqueh braxton. five before 7:00. an increase in respiratory illnesses has them on alert for the enterovirus, so they made a policy change when it comes to visitors. katz zachary is live and is following this story. >> here at cooper the number of pediatric patients they're seeing now is reportedly double from what they typically see this time of year. so, today, a new visitor policy goes into effect. no one under 18 or rather 16 is allowed to visit the pediatric intensive care unit or the pediatric floor.
6:56 am
it starts out as the common cold, but for some patients it becomes much worse quickly. kids in nearly a dozen states have been hospitalized. the virus is confirmed here in new jersey and pennsylvania and it's suspected in delaware. symptoms are similar to a common cold, runny nose, cough, sore throat and fever and for kids who have underlying breathing problems, enterovirus can affect that. i'm told by doctors they think we're coming out of the peak of enterovirus season. in the next few weeks they anticipate fewer cases in our area. katy zachary, nbc 10 news. >> all right, good morning. as we approach 7:00, let's take a live look at an accident on 309 right now. this is 309 northbound right near paper mill road. we have one lane blocked in this area and a single vehicle accident right here kind of facing the wrong way on the shoulder. that's where the vehicle came to a rest. you can see police and penndot blocking that right lane. one lane of traffic is getting
6:57 am
by and it's causing a minor delay in the area. traffic is moving, but, of course, slowly right past that accident scene. heading out to 422. this is the eastbound side right near trooper road. a little bit of volume out there but the congestion isn't quite as bad as we're used to seeing. this is the tacony palmyra bridge. around any minute around 7:00, 7:05 we anticipate a bridge opening so a ship can move through and traffic will be stopped for 10 to 15 minutes. just keep that miin mind if youe headed out in that direction. for drivers in delaware, we're still reporting an accident on 95. it has been out there for about 45 minutes. we edo have lane restrictions in that area, leave yourself extra time because you could see a delay. so far not reporting any big problems when it comes to mass transit.
6:58 am
bit of fog in the pocono mountains, yeah, socked in in some areas. it's scattered, though. that's a view from, you can see clear skies overhead and the fog is hugging blue mountain is also seeing some fog. that's the view from blue mountain and we have been watching shawnee right along the delaware, as well. a nice breeze is mrblowing and look at camelback. this morning a little bit of a breeze there and no sign of fog from this vantage point. we're seeing some bright sunshine now in the nbc rooftop view. this is the live view from here at the nbc 10 studios. the temperatures have cooled down with clearer skies and humidity is coming down, too. that will go much lower as the day goes out. sunshine will be bright and the pocono mountains will warm into
6:59 am
the 70s this afternoon. the fog was thickest for the longest time at reading for hours they were reporting quarter mile visibility, but big improvement in just the last half hour. half a mile, mile and a half visibility there and, actually, up to nine-mile visibility from lancaster where it was down to a quarter mile. so, the forecast is calling for these temperatures to climb from the 40s and 50s into the 70s this afternoon. the bright, sunny skies. 78 degrees at 4:00 today. and if you have plans to go to the ballpark tonight to see the phillies take on the braves, it's going to be clear skies and 7 1 degrees at game time. by later in the evening, the temperature cooled into the 60s. >> very good. >> very nice. "today" show is up next for my hall of fame partner tracy davidson, i'm vai sikahema. >> thanks for watching. have a great day and a great weekend.
7:00 am
good morning. captain clutch. yankee legend derek jeter rises to the occasion again during his final appearance at yankee stadium. >> derek jeter ends his final game with a walk-off single! >> the celebration in the stadium, simply electric. this morning, the fitting farewell to one of the greatest players in the game. cause for concern? federal officials downplay claims that isis is targeting subway systems here in the u.s. so, why have they beefed up security in cities across the country? not talking. the suspect in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham chooses not to cooperate with authorities. will that change when he aes